So what do you do if you suspect you have Knob & Tube wiring?
Schedule an Knob & Tube wiring inspection. We will come out and visit your home, we will determine which circuits are Knob & tube, then we will turn off those circuits and count how many devices are effected. from that we can produce an estimate of what the cost will be to fix it. (the cost of the appointment will be applied to the final bill if our proposal is accepted)
One of the original wiring types was first used was known as Knob & Tube wiring. Individual wires were attached to the house using porcine standoff knobs and where the wires intersected the beams they would be protected using porcine tubes

This type of wiring is over 100 years old and is still found in homes today. when it was installed, many homes only had one outlet per room, and MAYBE one light so there was not a lot of load being put on the individual wire.

Today the loads are much higher, with multiple tv's, computers, microwaves, electric portable heaters. things that were never thought of back in the day, are now taxing the electrical system that the old wiring were never designed for.
This is a photo of what Knob and Tube wiring looks like
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