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In 1990 I had to make a decision, a very difficult choice. one that every small business owner has to deal with at some time in thier life. Do I stay small and control the quality of the work, or do I grow and hire people to do the work for me. To answer that question I had to take a hard look at what I wanted and I found that I really enjoy doing electrical work. I like meeting new people every day. I enjoy a new challenge that each job offers. and would much rather be out in the field then behind a desk filing papers. By making this choice I dont have to wornder if my helpers are hiding behind somebody's garage doing drugs instead of working, I dont have to worry if my helpers are stealing from my customers or from me.
I eleminate all those problems

So now you, the customer have to make a choice, . . .
do you want your project done right away?

or do you want your project done "The RIGHT way"
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Aluminum wiring
Service Upgrades
EPA lead
Exit lights
Smoke dect
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