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AlumiConn connector
AlumiConn connectors offer a complete and permanent repair to your aluminum wire needs
NEW! Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Approves the AlumiConn!
The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently submitted a unanimous vote in favor of approving the AlumiConn connector as a safe, long term repair for aluminum wired homes.
New connector is approved by UL and by CPSC
for aluminum wiring repairs
Typical cost-
For additional safety, We install Arc-Fault circuit protection
In the old days this was done with the IDEAL #65 wirenut. a purple wirenut with an antioxyden compound inside. it was later discovered that the antioxyden compound was flammable.
Standard Receptical - $50.00

Arc-Fault circuit interuptors monitor the wiring and turn off the power if they detect the smallest amount of arcing. While they are required on any new wiring, we highly recomend installing them on existing older wiring
Back in the 70's newer homes were wired with Aluminum wiring as a cost effective replacement instead of copper. the problem is aluminum has different properties than copper, aside from being more brittle, aluminum will expand and contract in a larger degree when heated and cooled, this expanding and contracting is what causes loose connections around the screws and at wirenuts. which in turn causes more heat, and so on and so on.

The remidy was to replace the last 6 inches of conductor with copper pigtails which dont expand and contract as much
So what do you do if you suspect you have Aluminum wiring?
Schedule an Aluminum wiring inspection. We will come out and visit your home, we will open the circuit breaker panel and determine which circuits are aluminum, then we will turn off those circuits and count how many devices are effected. from that we can produce an estimate of exactly what the cost will be to fix it.
GFI Receptical - $60.00
Single Pole Switch - $50.00
3 way switch -$50.00
4 way switch - $60.00
Dimmer switch - $75.00
Light fixture - $40.00
Each repair includes a new device, new cover plates, crimps, copper pigtails and labor
Junction Box - $40.00
Single Pole Arc Fault Circuit Breakers - $125.00
Thermal Imageing
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